CaseXplorer Arbitrationdeveloped in conjunction with DecisionQuest, a leading jury and trial consulting firm—is an online case analysis tool that provides attorneys with objective evaluation of and feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their arbitration cases from experienced arbitrators not associated with their cases. 
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A new way to evaluate your case

CaseXplorer Arbitration: A simple online process

  • User selects a panel of three or five arbitrators by keyword, expertise, and locale.
  • User provides in writing a set of facts, legal arguments, and questions.
  • User receives a consolidated written report of each arbitrator’s views within three to four days.

Through CaseXplorer Arbitration, attorneys can get insights into how arbitrators are likely to view a particular matter, specific issue, and argument. Managed totally online, CaseXplorer Arbitration provides the perceptions and opinions of arbitrators, which can help you shape your case strategies, or lead to settlement.  

CaseXplorer Arbitration allows attorneys and businesses to take a step back from their case and get vital information on the strengths and weaknesses of their dispute.

Attorneys use CaseXplorer Arbitration to:

  • Clarify case issues.
  • Focus their arbitration strategy.
  • Obtain a reality check on the value of the case.
  • Gain insights into mediation and settlement possibilities.

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